Copy of Stone Bridge

side by sideLeft – Rembrandt’s Stone Bridge, 11.6″ x 16.7″; Right – My copy, heat set oils on canvas, 7.25″ x 10″ (worked on about 3 days).

I haven’t been happy with my ability to get a glowing quality of light in the limited palette portraits I have done so far, so I decided to take on the light in the wonderful Stone Bridge and see what I could learn.  My copy is smaller than the original so lacks a lot of detail, and I didn’t try for exact shapes or drawing; my goal was mainly to try to get the feeling of light.  I tried several changes in technique, and I think this was more successful than any of the others in that regard. The changes were mainly to follow some advice from Tad Spurgeon’s book, painting grays and colors in mostly distinct layers, and using chalk putty much more than titanium for whites since I lack lead white in my palette. I found that sticking to the more transparent putty white requires a mindset of preserving the light of the canvas much more than I have been doing. I don’t think that was his method, but it’s helping me avoid titanium chalkiness.

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Back in alleys!

alley 1 and 2Outdoor painting seems too daunting as summer comes on, but I have been longing for alleys, so I went minimal: just my bike, a sketchbook, a few pencils and a water pen. And a chair. And tons of water. And my traffic cone. And a phone. Well, fairly minimal, good enough to seem possible. It makes me unaccountably happy to sit in an alley and draw. (Left – near Speedway and Columbus, right – Miramonte drainageway)

A few others from around the same time:

alley 3   Alvernon

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