Oils with Cuni encaustics, and some water mixable oil review info (Cobra and Artisan)

In my explorations of Cuni encaustics, I have come to the conclusion that it is difficult and time-consuming for me to handle large gradations, such as on a floor or wall in a scene, with much control.  I have too much trouble with lifting while trying to get even paint. (It is possible to get a fascinating translucent texture by rubbing thick Cuni paint, layer after layer, but this is a slow technique for large areas.) On the other hand, the paint excels at detailed textured subjects and highlights. I thought I would try a mixed layered technique: underpainting in oils, glazing the shadows and working flat areas with oils, and painting the light textured areas with Cuni encaustics. (Jorge Cuni tells me it should be quite sound to paint the encaustics over dried oil paint, and vice versa.)  The overall approach worked very well, and I will continue to pursue it, but I tried Cobra water mixable oils and found them a mixed bag for this approach. (I can’t tolerate solvents, making WMOs a good option for some things, which is why I tested them out.)

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