Review of Cuni water-soluble encaustics after 10 plus paintings

My initial review is here. I’ll go down the list of review items in the same order.  I would really be happy to hear from anyone about this paint, but I’ve had to shut off comments on the blog for the time being. You can reach me at gmail  using  jaymacazbd.

1. Tubes vs. mixing with pigments – I still use Cuni’s medium plus water-media paints or pigment dispersions to make many of my paints. This works quite well. I have used casein and watercolor paints; both work fine, as do the dispersions, and all combine well with Cuni tube paints. More below, but some of the tube paints are less than lightfast, and some are extremely expensive.  Based on my experience, I might recommend a basic set of earths ( raw umber, red earth, yellow ochre are ones I like), white, black, phthalo or ultramarine blue, and phthalo green or the easier-tamed cinnabar (py36, phthalo green yellow shade). I think you could get this for about $80 plus shipping from Custom Encaustics in Tucson. They also carry a 6-tube set, which is a good start for $60. If $80 or $60 seems too high to test the paint out, buy a tin of medium for $18 and mix it with whatever paint you have on hand for the colors. You’ll be able to get a feeling for how it handles with almost anything, but I’d suggest a water medium. Continue reading