I am seeing some info about Ceracolors on the Natural Pigments site. This will be the second water-soluble encaustic paint available, the first being Cuni water-soluble encaustics, which I have been using.  Ceracolors are described as a blend of waxes microemulsified in water, while Cuni is a mixture of beeswax and potassium soap. Other wording in the description of Ceracolors is almost identical to Cuni’s.  There are specialized wax products for the cosmetic industry called emulsifying waxes, and hydrophilic waxes like cera bellina. Is this something like those?

It’s not available until June.  Update: I contacted Natural Pigments. George Hanlon says it does not include potassium soap, just waxes, and will have somewhat different handling from Cuni. It can be mixed with other water media, but they don’t recommend mixing with oils.